Academic journal article Antipodes

Symbol Thing

Academic journal article Antipodes

Symbol Thing

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the standoff is between a dolphin & "

a ray of light." when some

species are no longer eaten they make radio

waves; the surf is white like blue

bacon fat. when i talk to you

with capital letters, you withdraw to face

a night on the streets of darwin.

its my training gone to waste - &

so when you scream i flap my arms

& land on the carpet: therapys a

floor thing, you know a lot about

me - what haunts me in northern new

south wales, the church that scraped the

table off the plastic . . . crumbs really.

you lose your hash at karaoke / man

i think id take a crack at being

rod stewart, with a country house &

a cravat to feed the lizards in.

there were a few older women singing in

the yard, i went out & offered

them a quince / scones fell like toads

, all feeling behind the eight-ball

; geometry implements of lessons past creep by

: the toffee plantation funding everything else sustainable

, like a stingray smoking cigars in an

indian kitchen, high six, mutator! …

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