Patterns and Persons: A Historiography of Liturgical Studies in the Netherlands in the Twentieth Century

Article excerpt

Patterns and Persons: A Historiography of Liturgical Studies in the Netherlands in the Twentieth Century. Edited by Louis van Tongeren, Marcel Barnard, Paul Post, and Gerard Rouwhorst. [Liturgia Condenda, 25.] (Leuven: Peeters. 2010. Pp. viii, 500. euro59.00 paperback. ISBN 978-9042-92301-0.)

Liturgia Condenda is a series of monographs published under the auspices of the Institute for Liturgical and Ritual Studies at the University of Tillburg in the Netherlands. The institute promotes studies by scholars of many countries and languages as they explore liturgy from a multidisciplinary point of view.

This volume, however, is by Dutch authors and focused on the historiography of the liturgy in the Netherlands during the twentieth century. Its larger intent is to invite readers to consider how liturgical studies have evolved. The editors are from the faculties of Tillburg and Utrecht, and are both Protestant and Catholic, and the book has a balanced ecumenical perspective based on the country's religious heritage. The book has four unequal parts. Part 1 is an introductory chapter (by Gerard Rouwhorst and Louis van Tongeren) introducing the reader to an overview of the religious history of the Netherlands in the twentieth century; much of what comes later can be understood only from the vantage point of the original separation and "silo" mentality of the Netherlands that changed palpably in the latter part of the century.

Part 2, "Patterns," has six chapters. Two are overviews of the Dutch liturgical movement in the Catholic Church (Louis van Tongeren) and the Protestant church (Klaas-Willem de Jong). Two chapters focus on art: music in the Catholic world (Anton Vernooij) and the plastic arts as fostered by the Van der Leeuw Foundation in the Dutch Reformed world (Marcel Barnard). The last two chapters in this section explore the architecture of Catholic churches (Paul Post) and Protestant churches (Justin Kroesen).

Part 3, "Persons," provides biographical sketches of nine key figures of the liturgical movement in the Netherlands, presented in chronological order based on their year of birth. Seven are Catholic, and two are Protestant. …


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