Editor's Note: New Book Review Editors

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Daniel S. Margolies, Book Review Editor

Email address: dmargolies@vwc.edu

Eric M. Mazur, Book Review Editor

Email address: emazur@vwc.edu

Mailing address:

Virginia Wesleyan College

1584 Wesleyan Drive

Norfolk, VA 23502

Two years ago Lynn Bartholome took over the role of book review editor for The Journal of American Culture when former book review editor Ray Browne became too ill to continue, and I will always appreciate Lynn's willingness to do so. A former president of the Popular Culture Association, Lynn has served us well, and I thank her for her hard work on behalf of our readers and PCA/ACA. Lynn has decided to relinquish her position as book review editor in order to pursue other projects, and I will miss her. At the same time, I am proud to introduce our two new book review editors: Daniel S. Margolies and Eric Michael Mazur.

Dan S. Margolies is a professor of history at Virginia Wesleyan College. His work has appeared in American Studies, International Journal of Intangible Heritage, and the Southwestern Law Review, and his article "Latino Migrant Music and Identity in the Borderlands of the New South" won the Journal of American Culture's 2010 Carl Bode Award for Outstanding Article. Dan is also the author of Henry Watterson and the New South: The Politics of Empire, Free Trade, and Globalization (2006) and Spaces of Law in American Foreign Relations: Extradition and Extraterritoriality in the Borderlands and Beyond, 1877-1898 (2011). He regularly contributes to the Old Time Herald: A Magazine Dedicated to Old-Time Music.

Eric Michael Mazur is the Gloria & David Furman Professor of Judaic Studies, professor of religious studies, and director of American studies at Virginia Wesleyan College. …