Academic journal article The Middle East Journal

Chronology: Arab-Israeli Conflict

Academic journal article The Middle East Journal

Chronology: Arab-Israeli Conflict

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July 19: Palestinian National Authority (PNA) commander, in Nablus after Israel accused Colonel Jihad al-Mim, a police commander, in attacks against Jewish settler Israel accused him of organizing attacks against Jewish settlers. [7/22 FBIS]

A Jordanian military court sentenced Corpora Ahmad Musa Daqamsa to life imprisonment for the 13 March killing of seven Israeli school girls near the Israeli-Jordanian border. Daqamsa had faced the death penalty but the court considered his mental instability a mitigating factor. [7/20 NYT]

An estimated 10,000 supporters of the Islamic Resistance Movement (HAMAS) marched through Hebron, chanting anti-Israeli slogan [7/22 FBIS]

July 20: Israeli foreign minister David Levy met with Palestinian minister of planning and senior negotiator Nabil Sha'th, in an attempt to break the deadlock in peace talks. The session was mediated by Miguel Moratinos, the European Union's Middle East envoy. [7/21 FT]

July 21: PNA president Yasir `Arafat ordered the arrest and investigation of several Palestinian police officers following Israeli accusations that they were planning an attack on Jewish settlers near Nablus. [7/22 NYT]

Students at the University of Jordan staged a protest to condemn the Daqamsa verdict and the anti-Islamic posters that Israeli Tatiana Susskind had displayed in Hebron on 28 June. [7/22 FBIS]

July 22: Israeli police reported that an Israeli Arab from Nazareth had driven his car, in the Jaffa quarter of Tel-Aviv, into a group of 20 visiting British teenagers, injuring eight. He then exited his car and stabbed two people at a sidewalk restaurant. Police also reported that a Palestinian woman had stabbed and slightly wounded an Israeli border policeman near a Jewish settlement in the Gaza Strip. [7/23 WP]

In Brussels, PNA president `Arafat met Israeli foreign minister Levy in an attempt to renew the peace talks. [7/23 NYT]

In Washington, Israeli cabinet secretary Danny Naveh met US envoy to the Middle East Dennis Ross in an effort to revive peace talks. [7/23 NYT]

In Jerusalem, Israeli president Ezer Weizman met the PNA's former chief negotiator, Mahmud `Abbas, to discuss the stalled peace process. [7/24 NYT]

The Omani foreign ministry announced it would open a representation office in Gaza as a demonstration of its support for the peace process. [7/23 FBIS]

July 23: Israeli prime minister Binyamin Netanyahu revoked the VIP card of Ghazi al-Jabali, commander of the Palestinian police, who was suspected of having sent a group of policemen to stage attacks on "Israeli targets" near Nablus. [7/22, 7/24 FBIS]

July 24: Ehud Barak, the Israeli Labor Party's Chairman, and PNA president `Arafat met at the Erez crossing and decided to create a joint LaborPNA committee. [7/25 FBIS]

The Jerusalem planning committee gave a building permit to American Irving Muskowitz to build Jewish homes in the Ra's al-'Amud neighborhood in East Jerusalem. Prime Minister Netanyahu vowed to fight implementation of the plan. [7/25 NYT]

July 25: A march and rally were held by HAMAS and Islamic Jihad in Janin to mark the birthday of the prophet Muhammad. An effigy of a Jewish settler was burned at the rally. [7/29 FBIS]

July 28: The Israeli interior ministry suspended the construction permit given to Irving Muskowitz to build Jewish housing in East Jerusalem after appeals were filed by members of Jerusalem's municipal council. [7/29 FT]

Senior Palestinian peace negotiator Sha`th met Israeli foreign minister Levy to discuss reviving peace talks. [7/28 FT]

Palestinian and Jordanian businessmen launched a $60 million investment firm for the construction of houses and tourist projects in East Jerusalem to counter Israeli settlement plans. [7/30 FBIS] July 29: Israeli foreign minister Levy met Jordan's King Husayn in Amman to review the peace process. [7/30 FBIS]

Israel demanded the extradition of 70 Palestinian policemen who, according to Shin Bet, the Israeli domestic intelligence service, and the Israeli Defense Force (IDF), had fired shots at IDF soldiers during the September 1996 riots that erupted after the Temple Mount tunnel opening. …

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