Academic journal article International Journal of Marketing Studies

The Effect of Electronic Service Quality on Customers Behavioral Intentions

Academic journal article International Journal of Marketing Studies

The Effect of Electronic Service Quality on Customers Behavioral Intentions

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Considering the increasing role of service organizations in various areas of economic and the importance of quality in competitive areas, service quality is known as one of the strategic levers and key axes in competition scene. In this way and in order to evaluate and improve their service quality, service organizations must identify their customers' needs and expectations, investigate the confidence and satisfaction level of their customers at specified period of time, and do their best to improve their services. If organizations can provide, retain, and increase customer satisfaction and confidence, they will be equally successful. Investigating the relationship between electronic service quality and customers behavioral intentions was the aim of this study; electronic satisfaction and confidence were studied as intermediate variables. This is an applied research and in terms of data collection method, the study is descriptive. To assess data, a 5-option Likert type questionnaire was used. Statistical population includes customers of electronic banking service in Tejarat Bank of Zahedan and sample size was estimated as 275 individuals selected by simple random sampling method. Structural equation modeling and LISREL software were used for data analysis. Results show that variables of confidence and satisfaction play mediator role in relation to electronic service quality and behavioral intentions; they also have significant positive effect on customer behavioral intentions.

Keywords: Electronic service quality, Electronic satisfaction, Electronic confidence, Customers' behavioral intentions, Website

1. Introduction

Changes in people's life in different communities due to the Internet, electronic services, and ICT have led to significant rapid distribution of new concepts, technologies and services. Most experienced and successful companies in E-commerce have understood that low price and mere presence on the Web are not the only success factors, but providing high-quality electronic service is the important one. So the main future challenge for companies in this area will be providing service quality. However, providing customer satisfaction, particularly in the area of services, depends on qualified services. Based on several research results in service organizations, service quality is the most important factor in increasing customer satisfaction and confidence level and consequently, customer loyalty. Financial firms have well understood that retaining current customers is more profitable than attracting new ones. Therefore, marketing units have prevented spending time and money on causeless advertisements and focused on techniques for customer retention. Market research has shown that purchase and even financial performance of service quality have significant effect on customer satisfaction, customer loyalty, customer retention, and decision making in company. Thus, in order to build confidence and loyalty in customers as well as retaining them, internet retailers should focus on high quality of electronic services before, during and after the exchange.

2. Research Literature

2.1 Electronic Service Quality

Quality in electronic services is defined as a 7-dimensional phenomenon which is classified in two scales: (a) high quality of main electronic services, (b) improvement.

1) High quality of main electronic services: It consists of efficiency, reliability, order supplying, and personal privacy:

* Efficiency refers to customers' ability in visiting website, finding appropriate products and information, and controlling them with minimum efforts.

* Order supplying integrates accuracy of service promises, having sufficient stock of products, and product delivery in promised time period.

* Reliability is related to technical performance of Website and the extent to which it is available 24 hours a day and works well.

* Personal privacy includes ensuring that the data related to consumer's buying behavior do not share as well as credit card information of online buyer is stored securely. …

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