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There Is a Day under a Box

Academic journal article Field

There Is a Day under a Box

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and in that day an engine,

and out from there a prairie

or a conversation amid kindness, between parking,

subject to all sorts of weather.

It is a Monday sometimes

though I know of no accord,

and it can be difficult; it can take

everyone you know, in a rainstorm

or an awkward sweater; it can be cold now.

Under one box are more shovels than

you've ever seen.

Under another box is a chicken

on a riverbank slowly drifting away.

There is a woodblock and a stranger

or a series of strangers like side effects

you've never thought about.

It's very beautiful. There are delicatessens

and generations, and soon friends

and a little currency are sent in,

shoulders and grippers, and unstitching

there a road without appointment.

Under one box a man holds another smaller box

out in his hands like an invitation

or a detour you might duck into.

It's that kind of day.

It might last a lifetime or even now

a new conversation queues up the horizon

of alibis or model homes

a row of books the future

is always just browsing,

overlapping, leaving a person

or something like a person

in the dark without program. …

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