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2. The Jet Set (Season 2, Episode 11)

We're nomads together. Our

souls are the same age. And

you know what? We've been

miserable for years. The

humiliations have been

spectacular. The nauseating

upholstery on a couch.

Strangers who drop by. Trying

to speculate who you are and

what you do. New organs. Super

strength. Chinese. The spoils of

victory. How do I know I'm not

going to just eat another

mushroom and this room will

disappear and I'll be back on a

train to Trenton? Will they fill it

with my things? Then it splits off

into fourteen different warheads.

Cuernavaca. Amalfi. Irwin. Naples.

Stockholm. Athens. Oslo. Odessa.

Osaka. Oakland. Kabul. London.

Essen. Nairobi. Let them open the


2. The Gold Violin (Season 2, Episode 7)

Would you agree that I know

a little bit about you? No boiling,

no diaper service, no plastic

pants. All you have to do is look

at my file. …

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