Academic journal article The Hymn

2012 Hymnic Anniversaries

Academic journal article The Hymn

2012 Hymnic Anniversaries

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It is interesting to see how patterns emerge from accumulated data. The hymnic anniversaries for 2012 are most remarkable for the number of significant publications connecting with this year at various quarter-century marks. In fact there are so many collections and texts that they have been given their own background section below. But there is no dearth of important people to be remembered as well, even some whose words or music we no longer sing, but who were important in their day. Large as this list may seem, it could easily have been longer. For this reason, certain exclusions have been made: people who translated only one text or arranged only one tune as well as composers who wrote chant settings but no hymn tunes. Read on and enjoy! (Humming is entirely appropriate.)


450 Tears Ago

1562 Claude de Sermisy died (October 13)

The whole booke ofPsalmes, collected into English meter [Thomas Sternhold and John Hopkins/ The "Old Version"/Daye's Psalter]; Les pseaumes mis en rime françoise, par Clement Marot et Théodore Bèze [the complete Genevan Psalter]

400 Tears Ago

1612 The book ofPsalmes: Englished both in prose and metre (Henry Ainsworth)

Anne [Dudley] Bradstreet born

Hans Leo Hassler died (June 8)

375 Tears Ago

1637 Thomas Ken born (July)

Johann Georg Ebeling born (July 8)

Benjamin Jonson died (August 6)

Countess Emilie Juliane born (August 19)

350 Tears Ago

1662 Christian Keimann died (January 13)

Johann Crüger died (February 23)

Henry Lawes died (October 21)

Samuel Wesley born (December 17)

325 Tears Ago

1687 Henry Carey born (August 27)

Henry More died (September 1)

300 Tears Ago

1712 Joseph Hart born

Christoph Carl Ludwig, Baron von Pfeil born (January 20)

Alexander Mack Jr. born (January 25)

275 Tears Ago

1737 A collection of psalms and hymns [John Wesley's "Charles-Town collection"]

Benjamin Schmolck died (February 12)

Johann Michael Haydn born (September 14)

Christian Möck born (October 18)

John Bishop died (December 19)

250 Tears Ago

1762 John Beaumont born

225 Tears Ago

1787 Edward Harwood born

John Rippon's Selection of hymns from the best authors published

Henri Abraham César Malan born (July 7)

Franz Xaver Grüber born (November 23 or 25)

Andrew Reed born (November 27)

200 Tears Ago

1812 William Henry Burleigh born (February 2)

Hyde Wyndham Beadon born (May 1)

Frances Elizabeth Cox born (May 10)

John Pyke Hullah born (June 27)

Emma [Leslie] Toke born (August 9)

George Nelson Allen born (September 7)

William Josiah Irons born (September 12)

Ludvig Matthias Lindeman born (November 28)

William Beadon Heathcote born (December 12)

1 75 Tears Ago

1837 John Winter David born

Maria C. Tiddeman born (christened April 5)

Juan Bautista Cabrero Ivars born (April 23)

James Walch born (June 21)

William Chatterton Dix born (June 14)

William Shakespeare Hays born (July 19)

Oswald Mosley Feilden born (September 16)

Samuel Wesley died (October 11)

John Henry Yates born (November 21)

John Robson Sweney born (December 31)

150 Tears Ago

1862 Gertrude A. Flory born

Narayan Vaman Tilak born

Harriet Auber died (January 22)

The Battle Hymn of the Republic published (February 1)

Bernard Severin Ingemann died (February 24)

Andrew Reed died (February 25)

Walter Stillman Martin born (March 8)

John Hampden Gurney died (March 8)

Ernest Warburton Shurtleff born (April 4)

Anna Belle Russell born (April 21)

William Beadon Heathcote died (August 21)

Maurice Frederick Bell born (September 26)

Robert George Thompson born (November 5)

Abram Bowman KoIb born (November 10)

Adelaide Addison Pollard born (November 27)

Henry Ernest Nichol born (December 10)

Joseph Funk died (December 24)

Francis Duckworth born (December 25)

125 Tears Ago

1887 George Frederick Brockless born

Maurice Lawton Wostenholm born

Margaret [Mackay] Mackay died (January 5)

Alfred Henry Ackley born (January 21)

Roland Huw Prichard died (January 25)

David McKinley Williams born (February 20)

Fannie Estelle [Church] Davison died (March 10)

Richard Massie died (March 11)

Archer Thompson Gurney died (March 21)

Ray Palmer died (March 29)

Carl Ferdinand Wilhelm Walther died (May 7)

Ludvig Matthias Lindeman died (May 23)

William Henry Houghton born (June 28)

Jessie Seymour Irvine died (September 2)

George James Webb died (October 7)

Janie Alford born (October 8)

[Sir] George Alexander Macfarren died (October 31)

Henry Dennis died (December 4)

Henry George Ley born (December 30)

1 00 Tears Ago

1912 James Edwin Orr born (January 15)

Keith Warren Bissell born (February 12)

Eva [Brown] Lloyd born (March 9)

Albert Lister Peace died (March 14)

Graham Elias George born (April 11)

Henry Lahee died (April 29)

Lloyd Stone born (June 29)

William Gustavus Fischer died (August 12)

George William Kitchin died (October 13)

Theodore Marier born (October 17)

Robert Colly er died (November 1)

Dorothy Irene [Hoyer] Scharlemann born (December 6)

75 Tears Ago

1937 William Worley born

Su Yin-Ian died

Esther [Milligan] Burroughs born (February 6)

Bob Lloyd Burroughs born (March 10)

Hampton Haygood Sewell died (March 1 1 )

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