Smoking Prevention Activities at the Third Faculty of Medicine of Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic

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In recent years, the Third Medical Faculty of Charles University in Prague has joined the policy of the World Health Organization (WHO) and European Union in order to prevent and reduce smoking among faculty members and students - future health professionals. The following strategies have been developed in the main areas related to academic life - education, counselling, anti-smoking campaign, research, and organizational measures.

Education - Curriculum

Topics related to smoking were included into curricula of medical and bachelor studies. Department of Pharmacology presents pharmacological aspects of tobacco dependence in the course on "Mental Disorders" in the 3rd year to all medical students. The department also offers the optional course on "Neurobiology, prevention and treatment of dependences" to about 10 medical students in their 3rd and 4th study year. Within one semester course, one three hours seminar is devoted to smoking. The leading experts in the field are invited to the seminar to discuss the issue with students. The students are invited to work on a proposal of a campaign against smoking in students and health professionals. The department presents a special webpage on dependences, incl. smoking with presentations for students (http://www.lf3.

Department of Child and Youth Health presents the following topics related to smoking - health risks, prevalence, prevention and counselling - in the Module of Preventive Medicine scheduled for the 6th year students and students of Public Health, General Nurse, and Dental Hygienist bachelor studies.


The smoking cessation consultancy was established in the academic year 2010/11 in the Students Counselling Centre run at the Department of Child and Youth Health. The consultancy includes the first contact with a client, a motivation dialogue and behavioural counselling, and support in the process of quitting smoking. Clients needing pharmacological treatment are referred to the specialized Centre for the Treatment of Tobacco Dependence at the Clinic of Pneumology and Chest Surgery of the Third Faculty of Medicine in the Bulovka Teaching Hospital in Prague 8.

Anti-smoking Campaign

In accordance with the World No Tobacco Day (31 May 2011) the joint art exhibiton of our faculty students and the collaborating secondary school for nurses has been organized with the aim to point out to the serious problem of tobacco dependence in young people. …


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