Health Care and Cultural Needs of Client Populations

Article excerpt

This issue of the Journal of Cultural Diversity offers insight into diabetes, cultural awareness and education. Maren Coffman, PhD, Cynthia K. Norton, MSN, ANP-BC7 and Lara Beene, MFA, used a convenience sample of Spanish speaking Latinos with type 2 or the risk factors for type 2 diabetes to examine the relationship among diabetes symptoms, blood glucose level, diabetes knowledge, health literacy levels, and health care using the Symptom Interpretation Model as the framework. Findings from this study will help in better understanding the needs of Latino immigrants. Community nealth workers provided an evidenced-based and culturally relevant diabetes éducation program to a Hispanic population in a migrant clinic in a study by Mieca Valen, DNP, CNP, Suzanne Narayan, PhD, and Lorene Wedeking, PhD. The outcomes of this project has the potential help in the development of educational programs that can be used in other settings that serve Hispanic populations. Jean Gumbs, PhD, ANP, explored the extent that African American women participate in diabetes self-management education and the impact this has on self-care behaviors. Finding for this study were that participants in the diabetes self-management education were more likely to have improved self-care behaviors. …


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