Academic journal article Women's Studies Quarterly

A Karstic

Academic journal article Women's Studies Quarterly

A Karstic

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Tell me your anodyne ways. My heart,

all day, gnawed on. Hobbes.

Find your mumble hinging

Less on plot.

Buff cretaceous


Karst-land [see blind

Etched and eroded

Lost all semblance of normal

A chaos of pits, flutes, runnels In the past

too much emphasis on solution and on associated collapse

of passages. Upland of exposed carboniferous limestone


while milkless and childless before you I stand.

Is ca bhfuil mo locht nach dtoghfai me roimpi?


corruption of

boireann: barren, stony Rich with fertile

rock rainwater seeps & spills into grikes between clints

cavernous karst fenster cascades into sinkhole swallowed

by furlough deposited with white marl under dense sward

of a rare sky-violet, across the shallow silverweed;

at the marsh creeps mint, pond-weed, buttercups, knotgrass. Tumble

of rocks, black with bracken, where water-fleas and fairy-shrimp spawn.

Lacy fan-shaped leaflets on maidenhair spring on shady,

forms loose hummocks, deeply cut, dark, turns crimson near the roost

of horseshoe bats that emit echolocation calls;

yellow meadow ants suckle on honeydew from root aphids

4. …

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