Academic journal article Asian Social Science

The Analysis of Operation and Management Situation in Chinese Professional Football Clubs

Academic journal article Asian Social Science

The Analysis of Operation and Management Situation in Chinese Professional Football Clubs

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China football league has started the professional reforms since 1994, but so far the operation of many domestic professional football clubs has been more and more difficult. Only a few clubs can survive and the vast majority of club investors are changed frequently, including normal transferring, normal capital operation, even being dissolved because of hardships. As for the reasons, the club's management system, the low return rate on investment, and the poor operating performance can be drawn. The thesis, from the perspective of clubs' management system, will illustrate several reasons which influence the development of Chinese professional football clubs and put forward the feasible suggestions.

Keywords: professional football club, operation management, analysis

1. Reason Analysis for Getting in Trouble of Chinese Professional Football Clubs

1.1 Property Rights Are Not Clear

The professional football club is a substantive economic organization. The relation of property rights should be clear, which is the basic condition of normal operation. Because dislocation phenomenon appeared in current system of our national profession football, management rights restrict the ownership. Managers take both on the operation and management. System framework make managers monopolize sports social resources and rights are still not transferring.

But a large responsibility of "doing" professional sports was transferred to the professional football clubs through socialization. The investment structure of Chinese professional football clubs partly come from enterprise, the original state physical culture system inputs facilities, venue and sports teams, and personnel from cooperated parties. Because there is no harmonious and unified standard as for the property ownership and income distribution problems at the beginning of establishment of professional clubs, the property right is not clear so that the contradictions between state physical culture and investment enterprise have become more obvious. The intervention of the government's administrative and investment enterprise results in the management chaos. In the specific management process, the club managers make policies arbitrarily, go after the club's short-term interests and ignore its long-term health development.

1.2 Lack Operation Management Talents of High Levels

The professional football clubs, as a new type of enterprise, need a lot of operation management talents of high levels. They know the sports and football, and also need to have various professional knowledge including economy, law, and marketing etc. However, there are few operation management talents in Chinese professional football clubs, who are relatively low degree. Usually expertise in football business, who lacks relevant professional knowledge, so that it is impossible to lay out a clear development strategy, implement scientific rational marketing strategies, expand effective potential markets, and also it is impossible to design the scientific internal salary management system for enterprise, and so on. All of these are characterized by lower management level, which seriously restricts the positive healthy development of the Chinese professional football clubs.

1.3 Leading System of Professional Football Falling Behind

At present football management department of all levels in China had done a lot of work in changing the function, but it is not completely done according to the professional football market demand, without getting rid of the means and methods of planned economy era. Lacking overall consideration and arrangement in the long-term planning, some local football association had the contradiction with the club because of the concept of the lag, the authority restriction and personal capacity constraints, plus lack of understanding for professional football, holding the original administrative power, even excessive administrative intervention in the club's management. …

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