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Analysis of Employee Attitude and Aptitude towards Participation in Marketing Decisions of Organized Retailers in India

Academic journal article Researchers World

Analysis of Employee Attitude and Aptitude towards Participation in Marketing Decisions of Organized Retailers in India

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The present study demonstrates attitude and aptitude of retail employees towards the participation in marketing activities. The Importance of employee participation in any organization is always an issue of concern for the management of the organization, understanding that it cannot be overstressed in any sphere of activity of the organization, let it be any business, education or even social work. Analysis of this study shows that some employees are interested in strategy formulation but they are not interested in promotional activities even though they showing interest in the word of mouth promotions, this kind of employee attitude found in various group of retail employees, the present study shows that retail employee highly participated in different marketing activities. The finding of this research shows that there are different groups of employee in retail organization on the basis of participation in marketing decisions. The finding of this research offer significant implication for the organized retailers.

Keywords: Retail, Participation, Media Buys, Marketing Decision, Decision Making.


The working environment in the retail is very much employee centric and there is very much interaction with the customers directly. The marketing department is continuously busy in designing newer and newer strategies to win over the customers. They are planning for the entire marketing activities of the retail firm. And the plans are executed by the employees. The decisions related to maintaining product and service offering, promotion schemes, displays, point of purchase, presentation and many other decisions are very crucial and all the employees working with the retail organization are connected with it. There is a need to understand participation of employees in decision making process of a retail firm. Whether they are consulted in taking marketing decisions and what role employees are playing in execution of the marketing decisions of a retailer. If employees are convinced fully about any marketing task there are more chances of getting success in the long run of the business. Researchers felt that the topic requires more investigation and therefore decided to study this topic in detail with the help of well designed research methodology.

The retail organizations have a separate marketing department which designs various marketing strategies related to marketing mix component like, product and service offering, pricing, promotional and distribution function. The marketing activities includes, Retail marketing plans, sales promotion ideas, branding and advertising , media buys and sales events to the benefit of your retail store. Selecting a newspaper to advertise in, create an effective ad and understand newspaper rate cards and customer services including many other marketing activities. Employees working with the retail outlet are responsible for the execution these decisions. Understanding the decision making process and participating in the decision making process can provide greater results for the retailer


Employee participation in marketing decision making of the organization allows employees to get associated in the process of making decisions in the organization. The employees own the responsibility to execute the decision taken with greater rigor and enthusiasm. Knoop (1995) defines participation in decision making as sharing decision making with others to achieve organizational objectives. Participation in decision making refers to the sharing of decision making, which is ordinarily the prerogative or responsibility of a manager, with subordinates to achieve organizational objectives (Scott-Ladd et al., 2006; Stashevsky and Elizur, 2000).Participation in decision making increases employee motivation, job satisfaction and organizational commitment (Pearson and Duffy, 1999) and Kappelman and Prybutok (1995). The authors have suggested the role of employee participation very crucial in the decision making process. …

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