Academic journal article Journal of Management Research

The Availability of Skills among Workers in Commercial Banks in Aqaba, Jordan: Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan: An Exploratory Study in National Banks in the City of Aqaba-Jordan

Academic journal article Journal of Management Research

The Availability of Skills among Workers in Commercial Banks in Aqaba, Jordan: Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan: An Exploratory Study in National Banks in the City of Aqaba-Jordan

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The aim of this study is to identify the impact of computerized management information systems in the performance of workers in the commercial banks of Aqaba-Jordan, a questionnaire was developed and designed to achieve the objectives of this study in order to collect data, and was distributed on the sample of (92) employees from various commercial banks in Aqaba-Jordan, in a set of 8-10 questionnaires for each bank, (88) questionnaires have been restored in a percentage of 93%. The questionnaire was based on closed type of questionnaires. The researcher has calculated several statistical measures, namely arithmetic average, Alpha Cronbach's coefficient, t test, standard deviation, ANOVA, and Toki test. The acceptance criteria for hypotheses or question (item) were that the arithmetic mean should be greater than 3.00 and to be significant, the observed significance level of t must be less than 0.05.

Also this study aimed to investigate the perceptions of the sample about the dimensions of the information systems for job performance requirements, programming requirements, human requirements and material requirements, The followings represent the most important results of the study:

1. There is a relationship between the characteristics of the beneficiaries and their attitudes towards management information systems.

2. The level of utilization of information systems is influenced by the attitudes of the beneficiaries towards the adoption of computer in the applications of information systems and by their attitudes toward the requirements of information systems and information systems activities, which are attributable to demographic variables (gender, scientific qualifications, experience, and job level).

Keywords: Commercial Banks, Management, Skills, Jordan

1. Introduction

The skills of workers in the banking sector are considered of the distinguishing factors of the successful business organizations in the mean time. Business organizations currently are moving towards applying total quality management which emphasized the necessity of increased attention to the skills of workers particularly self-oriented teams, and allow employees to act freely in the face of work problems and provide them with the necessary powers to enable optimal performance. Surely the creative skills will help workers to cope with those problems and difficulties they face in the work environment and qualify to do so perfectly.

This study intends to configure [the level of skills among workers in commercial banks in Aqaba, Jordan]. Moreover to identify the skills those contribute effectively to make work groups able to accomplish their tasks efficiently and effectively. Proceeding from the premise that the Organization's real strength lies not in the power of capital or in the large number of employees, but in the ability of workers through the use of creative, practical and behavioral etc. skills which help creative excellence in performance and knowledge.

Organization that seeks to reach and maintain an outpost in the area of increased competition, especially in financial and investment fields must rely on the creative skills of their employees. Because the creative skills generate new ideas for dealing with problems and difficulties and product development and participate in the formulation of ideas that help to implement them and afford the risk consequences when change in product is made and to commensurate with the needs and tastes of consumers. Skills of workers alone are not enough to make progress but it should be organized in an integrated and coherent framework so that those skills are integrated and are resembled to accomplish the work. This change requires shifting towards sustainable management in action and continuous improvement of the skills and reviewing of structures and foundations and providing adequate support, including the freedom of the workers.

2. The Problem of the Study

Commercial banks under the global financial crisis, urgently need to review the equipping of manpower and their training so that they can perform the competitive outstanding work not only at the national level but also the regional and international levels, as well as reconsideration of the management information systems and its material, software, human and organizational requirements to help them align with the requirements of the current time. …

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