Academic journal article Asian Social Science

Brief Analysis of Urban Ecological Civilization Construction

Academic journal article Asian Social Science

Brief Analysis of Urban Ecological Civilization Construction

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Ecological civilization city is the advanced stage and senior form of development human residential area and has the characteristics of harmony, sustainability and high efficiency, etc. Ecological civilization construction of the city is the concrete practice of Marxism ecological civilization in the contemporary society, and helps to improve the quality of the urban residents' life, propel the pace of urban modernization construction, upgrade the city taste and increase the competitive force of the city. In order to strengthen urban ecological civilization construction, we have to deal with the relationship between ecological civilization construction and the development of modern industry and agriculture, establish the scientific outlook on development, promote a harmonious social relationship, set up the green consumption concept, strengthen the ecological civilization consciousness of all the citizens, transform of the mode of economic development, and form a strong and vigorous security mechanism.

Keywords: Civilization construction, Urban construction, Sustainable development

1. Theoretical basis of urban ecological civilization construction

1.1 Connotation of ecological civilization city

Ecological civilization city was proposed in the 1970s by the UNESCO in its process of launching and studying the project of "human and biosphere". It is considered to be a system that "coordinates relationship between the economic system and biology in the modern cities, conserves and utilizes all natural resources and energy in a reasonable way, enhances the renewable and comprehensive utilization level of resources, and improves human's capacity of self-adjustment, recovery, maintenance and development of the urban ecological system. Ecological civilization city advocates the security and peace of the society, rapid development of the economy and ecological environment of the beautiful harmony, and the productivity of social culture developed, and the beauty and harmony of the ecological environment, an ideal state people are eager to realize when the social culture of an ecological environment consciousness of human being has achieved a certain level and an advanced stage and senior form of development of human residential area.

Ecological civilization city has clear-cut characteristics of the times, which are mainly manifested in the following several aspects:

First is harmony. Harmony here not only refers to harmony of human kind and the nature, but also refers to harmony of relationship between human kinds. Construction of ecological civilization city not only requires a perfect natural environment, but also needs mutual assistance of human kind, an atmosphere in which spirit and soul of human kind is continuously advanced and developed, a group that is imbued with human kindness and cultural flavor and a highest state in which the natural environment is perfect, human kind and the nature gets along well with each other and relationship between human kind is harmonious.

Second is sustainability. Ecological civilization city is one of sustainable development. It not only takes into account interests of the contemporary people, but also takes an overall consideration of demands of the later generation, being sustainable development of environment, society and economy.

Third is high efficiency. Ecological civilization city is an environmental protecting one with "low consumption of energy and low emission". It focuses on circulation and recycle of all sorts of energy so as to make all sorts of waste to be effectively circulated and regenerated, all sorts of energy and information to be effectively employed and all to make the best use of everything, and everybody to give full scope to the talents.

1.2 Marxism ecological civilization thought

1.2.1 Human kind should be evolved together with the nature and developed in a coordinated way

Through the ages, human and nature have been getting along with each other in harmony. …

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