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President's Report

I'm sad to report that IGS-honorary-trustees Walter Davis and Harry Maynard have passed away. Both men made major contributions to the field of general semantics, and the field is poorer for their absence.

Walter Davis had the wonderful ability to see many sides of an issue and weigh their potential benefits and costs in coming up with practical decisions. When he served as an active IGS trustee, his colleagues on the board considered Walter Davis the "voice of reason." Walter's equanimity during heated board discussions was something those of us who served with him on the board aspired to.

I was introduced to GS in 1978 when I took a course at Cooper Union in New York City that Harry Maynard taught that was titled "How to Improve Your Triinking and Communicating Ability" but was really "General Semantics 101." After a couple of sessions, I became hooked on GS and I wound up doing a PhD dissertation at NYU that was based on general semantics formulations. Harry was a masterful GS teacher and an enthusiastic booster of general semantics.

The IGS is pleased to announce the publication of A Continuing Education Guide to Teaching General Semantics by IGS President Martin H. Levinson. The Guide, which contains twelve basic GS lessons, can be downloaded free from the Institute of General Semantics Web site. A hard copy will be provided on request.

After many years of faithful service, Irene Ross-Mayper, who was awarded the J. Talbot Winchell in 2010 for her outstanding contributions and services to the field of general semantics, has retired as an IGS Board member. We wish Irene well in her future endeavors. We wish the same to Lynn Schuldt, who has also stepped down as a trustee.

The 59th Annual Alfred Korzybski Lecture/Symposium was a huge success, with over 100 people in attendance at the Princeton Club on October 28th for MIT-Professor Sherry Turkle's keynote speech "Alone Together: Why We Expect More From Technology and Less From Each Other. …

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