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Academic journal article Canadian Social Science


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The geography is an old and young science. Many people often feel confused and regard the geography knowledge as science of geography. With time goes, modern science of geography is endowed with its own new connotation and glows the new vigor. This essay discusses the nature of Geography Science, analyzing the value of Geography Science and going forward the development of Geography Science. It is the ultimate objective to illustrate and let people know and understand its functions.

Key Words: Geography Science; Attribute; Value; Development


La géographie est une science ancienne et jeune. Beaucoup de gens se sentent souvent confus et considèrent la connaissance la géographie comme science de la géographie. Avec le temps va, de la science moderne de la géographie est doté d'une nouvelle connotation propre et brille la nouvelle vigueur. Cet essai traite de la nature de la science Géographie, l'analyse de la valeur des sciences et de géographie à l'avenir le développement des sciences de la géographie. Il est l'objectif ultime d'illustrer et de laisser les gens connaître et de comprendre ses fonctions.

Mots Clés: Science Géographie; Attribut; Valeur; Le développement

The Geography Science takes the humane environment, relationship between human and earth and region as its own study objectives. It is an integrated subject of nature and social science; establishing its unique and quite complete subject system. Mr. Kezhen Zhu has a very incisive opinion: "Geography is a science which focuses on the study of the formation; development; regional differentiation and layout of geography. It has both of distinct regional and integrated characteristics. It has obvious practical functions and has very close relationship with every department of national economy construction simultaneously."

Mr. Xuesen Qian expounded the connotation to Geography Science in the view of system theory; and pointed out that geography system is "open and giant system"; and is "one of ten modern science and technology system among nature science; social science; mathematics; systematic science; somatic science; science of thought; military science; behavior science and theory of literature and art. They have the same important roles." In 1964; American geologist William Pattison once put forward that there were four traditions in Geography Science; namely earth science tradition; humane-earth tradition; regional study traditional and space tradition. Modern professionals in China geographic field always view the regional and integrated characteristics as it's unique features. With time going; as a prospective subject with long history; Geography Science's contents continuously renews and has its new connotation to its both traditional regional and integrated characteristics. Since the twenty-first Century; geographic science gives new vitality again especially after the emergence of remote sensing; geographic information system; and global position system.


1.1 Comprehensive Attribute of Geography Science

The study subject of Geography is space system of earth's surface. Its core is regional system related with human and earth. Regional system includes human activities and geographic environment. Geographic environment is divided into natural geographic environment and humane geographic environment. It has remarkable natural and humane attributes, because there is complicated relationship between humane phenomenon, humane and natural phenomenon, it can be drawn an right conclusion under the circumstance that you can only synthesize the related factors, study its general features and focus on their mutual affect and interaction among the various elements. The compound is one of the basic natures of geography. Geography in essence is integrated, which stresses that the whole is more than the sum of the individual part. The issues that we faced are comprehensive. …

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