Facilities Change Management

Article excerpt

Facilities Change Management. Edward Finch (editor), 202 pages, Ames: Wiley-Blackwell, 2012.

Facilities Change Management is well suited to be a companion text in a corporate real estate or facilities management course. The overall perspective of the book is directed towards space issues in relation to changes in technology, corporate culture, service expectations, and organizational structure resulting from broader economic and social drivers. The book brings together applied issues in changing work environments facing corporate real estate and facilities managers. The book also addresses organizational obstacles to change, resource allocation issues, the implementation of change, and how management and employees cope with organizational change. All of these themes are within the context of real estate and facilities management applications and the writers of the twelve sections are primarily European academics. The book reflects current corporate real estate and facilities management research (albeit primarily European), which makes the book a valuable addition to a corporate real estate or facilities management course.

The book begins with a discussion of the forces of change and the role of corporate real estate and facilities management. Understanding change in relation to space user needs, workforce adjustment to change, and implementing and tracking change are addressed. The roles of support services outsourcing and the need of adaptive design issues are also discussed. The book reviews change management issues in high growth firms and reviews facilities management's role, connection to, and need to understand external environmental factors. The value of this part of the book is that a breakdown of the major variables associated with market, financial forces, corporate culture, regulations, environmental, and industry research and development is addressed. The book includes a section that focuses on facility flexibility issues in the workplace: style, processes, services, capacity, expansion, building intelligence, functions, and property portfolio flexibility. This material lends itself to the development of student assignments or case study discussions of the issues in site selection, facilities planning, and design. …


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