Academic journal article Kuram ve Uygulamada Egitim Bilimleri

Examination of Social Studies Textbooks in Terms of Approaches of Values Education*

Academic journal article Kuram ve Uygulamada Egitim Bilimleri

Examination of Social Studies Textbooks in Terms of Approaches of Values Education*

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In the program of primary education in Turkey, comprehensive modifications were made by the Ministry of Education and The Chairman of the Board of Education (TTKB) in 2004. In this new Social Study and Instruction program some values like assiduity, scientificity, responsibility and respect to variety are defined as "the value given direct". The target of this study is to examine these activities which take part in the lesson books of social studies at 6th grade and 7th grade in terms of approaches of values education. Five social studies lesson books of 6th grade and three social studies lesson books of 7th grade which received approval from The Chairman of The Board of Education (TTKB) in the 2010-2011 academic years compose the universe of this study which executed with the examination method. Two social studies lesson books of 6th and 7th class which are chosen randomly among these books constitute the sampling of this study. In order to determine that if these activities are suitable to the approaches of values education, a Schedule of Event Criteria (SEC) is improved by the researchers and the data are examined according to this schedule. As a result of this examination in these activities for values of education which take part in social studies lesson books of 6th and 7th grade, some findings are reached that approaches of value analysis and suggestion are given in but moral reasoning, explanation of value, observation/learning through modeling are not given in.

Key Words

Social Studies, Examination of Lesson Book, Values of Education, Approaches of Values Education.

Countries' interactions in terms of social, economic, political and cultural increased with the changing life conditions and developing technology. With this interaction while solid things have become fragile in the modern world, changing has emerged rapidly (Bauman, 2005). People have gained some new values by imitating other members (Ilgar, 1996). For modern human who is surfing around the world with only one click, imitative behavior has occurred on global basis. Some changes and transformations have been in the beliefs and value judgments of individuals living in different society and formed in accordance with changes in social structures (Durkheim, 1995). This cultural transformation in the modern world weakened social bonds and sense of responsibility in people (Hökelekli, 2002).

Values are elements that sustain society (Gömleksiz, 2007). The future of society depends on well- trained and good charactered people (Eksi, 2003). Education of the people who have a good character is not leftthe chance. In a country like Turkey where people of different ethnic, faith and beliefs live, training of common values is very important to ensure the peace, welfare and continuity. To bring in common values those individuals is possible with taking part of common values in the curriculum and so in the textbooks which are prepared accordance with this curriculum. Its contribution to ensuring continuity of the community reveals importance of values education (Sen, 2007).

The concept of "value" means that abstract measure for determining the importance of something; asset owned by a thing; high and useful quality (Arslan & Yasar, 2007). According to Bolay (2007) "value" means something that people give value and pursue to achieve, desire strongly to get. In social studies curriculum, the notion of value is defined as the common thought, purpose, basic moral principles or beliefs which are accepted to be correct and necessary by the majority of the members of community or a social group to ensure its continuity, process, unity and existence (Sen, 2007). To bring individuals in those basic moral principles and objectives with a formal way will be through education.

Noticing certain values, producing new values from some values, adopting the values produced by themselves and shaping own personality taking measures to these values and transforming these into behavior take place with education. …

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