Academic journal article The Journal of Psychohistory

Iranian Nuclear Global Holocaust

Academic journal article The Journal of Psychohistory

Iranian Nuclear Global Holocaust

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I was ordered to fight all men until they say 'There is no god but Allah.'

- Prophet Muhammad, 632 A.D.

When Iranian President Ahmadinejad promises to produce a "Global Apocalypse" in the next few years he is not exaggerating.1 He actually has contacts with terrorists around the world who have promised him that "by 2012-2013" when Iran will have nuclear weapons he will give them orders to destroy all life on earth because this will "bring on the apocalyptic return of 'the hidden imam' so Islamists will be able to destroy the world with nukes and then fuse with Allah in Heaven.2 Ahmadinejad of course is following the Islamist global jihad proclamations of the fascist Ayatollah Khomeini, who taught that "Islam is a religion of blood for the infidels".3 Islamists brag that killing neighbors in holy wars is "the national sport of Arabs",4 and preached "world domination".5 The Koran explicitly gives orders to slay Islamist enemies, and Iran has for centuries given considerable support to both Iraqi and Afghani terrorists such as Osama bin Laden.6 Iran trained and still sends weapons to Afghan terrorists, following what Arab schools teach children about "the mastering of the world by Islam".7 Islamist apocalyptic goals had as their aim the achievement of grandiosity as a defense against the feelings of being unimportant and inferior that are the result of the widespread early abuse of Islamists as children that make them what I term "walking time bombs".8 Islamist boys especially felt inferior, since they often since medieval times have had their penises and/or testicles amputated so they could be used sexually by Islamist men who were afraid of women's vaginas.9

As Speckhard, Akhmedova and Lachkar documented in this Journal in their articles on the borderline personality of terrorists,10 Islamic societies today continue to inflict "death, torture, beating or incarceration of their children as to make them dissociative" so they later become terrorists. Suicide bombers are not suffering from poverty, but from child abuse.11 Many studies of Islamic cultures today document careful surveys of the ubiquity of Islamic child abuse, such as the one of 652 Palestinian undergraduates that concluded that "18.6% were used sexually by a family member, 36.2% by a relative and 45.6% by a stranger", figures that are actually higher reflecting both denial and repression.12

Raped children are said by Islamic adults to have "brought upon themselves" their abuse. Girls, of course, fit the patriarchal views of Islamists that females are "the source of all evil," and "girls who don't ask to be raped will never be raped." Women who are raped are usually imprisoned because they must have asked to be raped.13 Islamic nations show a regular correlation between wife-beating and child abuse.14 Studies reveal that hundreds of thousands of girls are sold yearly in Iran for sexual use.15 But the studies also show that there is "no significant differences between females and males" in being molested, with Islamic boys routinely sexually abuse by anal penetration. According to Arab sociologist, "men regularly keep young boys in their extended families for pederastie use in Islamic societies since women are unclean and using little boys anally avoids the 'voracious vaginas' of women". Ancient texts wrote fondly about older men having sex with boys, amrads.'6 Fathers told their young sons they must have sex with older men, priests and teachers, and political leaders routinely kept boy concubines who were often used as terrorists. Boys could expect severe punishment if they objected to sex with Imams. Even Mohammed is portrayed as kissing his young nephew's penis. Boy bordellos continued to exist to modern times, and young boys were hired for sex in bathhouses and coffeehouses. Political leaders usually had young boy slaves for sex, and boy marriages still exist in Iran.

Islamic mothers are often reported as "fondling the genitals and masturbating the child. …

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