I Found a Job! Career Advice from Job Hunters Who Landed on Their Feet

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I Found a Job! Career Advice from Job Hunters Who Landed on Their Feet Marcia Heroux Pounds Jist Works, 2011 208 pages, $12.95 (soft cover)

A college graduate finishes four years of higher education and often expects recruiters to be after him/her with various job offers. However, due to the pool of so many qualified candidates, this is no longer a reality for most graduates in some Asian, North American and European markets. Rather, graduates are expected to go out and look for the jobs that they are interested in at various organizations of their choice. Going out there and securing a job with a good salary and benefit package requires preparation, strategy, and planning. Experts recommend that one should not waste his or her time in a bad job or a bad situation. Rather, you should "be clear upfront about your expectations for the job" (Pounds, 201 1, p. 154) and communicate this with prospective employers. Today, there are also those with many years of experience in the workplace that are looking for better jobs and those who are laid off and looking for another job. Therefore, new college graduates are often competing with more experienced candidates for a limited number of good paying available positions. Similarly, experienced workers are competing with young minds that are fresh out of college with new information and ideas that are needed in today's organization. So the job market can be a bit difficult for both new entrants and experienced individuals who are looking for employment. Of course, they would all like to say "I found a job" of my dreams and that is the goal in any job hunting process.

Job hunting is a skill that requires updating since the process of or strategies for getting a new job seems to change every few decades and even more so during recessionary times and the addition of new social media technologies. The job search techniques that worked a decade ago may not necessarily be as effective today. As emphasized by Pounds (201 1), modern job hunters need new strategies to uncover new opportunities and get their foot in the door with modern employers.

In today's tough economic times looking for a job can be frustrating. There are many quality competitors for a limited number of positions. Job hunters can easily become discouraged. They sometimes need a little bit of inspiration. The book "J Found a Job" by Marcia Heroux Pounds is an excellent source of inspiration. In the book, Pounds interviews many job seekers who were let go during the recession from 2007 to 2010. Those interviewed and employed give examples of how they overcame a tough job market to find jobs that fulfill them. The first part of the book discusses how to stay positive after losing a job. Embrace the change in your life and keep a schedule as it helps to have a routine that you follow to stay motivated. Stay proactive in your life. Some of the things that are mentioned are volunteering, joining a club or association. …


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