Academic journal article Antipodes

Down There

Academic journal article Antipodes

Down There

Article excerpt

Zenoish heaps of proffered birdseed

on the grayed verandah rail

drew first a dizzy young king parrot,

or maybe prince,

who nibbled from the hand.

Then, later but pretty soon,

seven rather noisy

crimson rosellas winged in

to skirmish rustlingly over the food

followed by

an imperturbable king,

splendid in all his green and scarlet,

with a modest grey thrush sidling along the wood.

Black freaked with white

the currawong like a vice-chancellor

stalked by,

disconcerting undergraduate rosellas

who just bloody wouldn't stay still,

the subtle thrush lurking around.

But the news was out

so that four merry men

in lincoln green

arrived, like tetrarchs.

All flew away, bang,

on some feathery impulse,

those parrots returning soon enough,

rich green more authoritative

than saucy blue

though not half so good

on boards of the deck as they. …

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