Academic journal article Antipodes

Bibliography of Australian and New Zealand Literature and Criticism Published in North America, 2010-2011

Academic journal article Antipodes

Bibliography of Australian and New Zealand Literature and Criticism Published in North America, 2010-2011

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The Antipodes bibliography attempts to provide a thorough listing of Australian and New Zealand literature either published in North America or reviewed in North American periodicals during 2010 and 2011. Every attempt is made to include creative works by new and established Australian and New Zealand authors. However, due to space considerations, most children's literature, science fiction, and fantasy titles are excluded. Since its inception in 1989, the goal of the "Bibliography of Australian and New Zealand Literature and Criticism Published in North America" has been to highlight resources that are readily available to scholars and readers within the United States and Canada. This particular focus compliments Australian Literary Studies' "Annual Bibliography of Studies in Australian Literature," which emphasizes materials published in Australia and Europe. Unfortunately, the 46th "Annual Bibliography of Studies in Australian Literature" covering 2008 materials (ALS 24.1), was the last to be compiled. The next Antipodes bibliography will expand its scope to include some of the creative and scholarly content previously featured in the ALS bibliography.

Section 1 of the bibliography focuses on individual Australian and New Zealand authors who have either had works published in North America during 2010 and 2011, or if published elsewhere, have been reviewed in 2010-2011 North American sources. Occasionally, materials published in years prior to 2010 are listed, but these must have current reviews or commentaries to be included. Primary materials for each author are listed first, followed by interviews and secondary resources that discuss works by that same author.

Section 2 is restricted to secondary resources only. These materials are selected because they deal with issues of interest to scholars and readers of Australian and New Zealand literature. Subjects covered include Aboriginal/Maori studies, history, language and film studies, as well as general studies of Commonwealth or Postcolonial literature. In all cases, pertinent reviews or commentaries will follow the main entry.

Sources used to compile this bibliography include the MLA international Bibliograph.}, AustLit, WorìdCat (OCLC), Dissertation Abstracts, EBSCO's Academic Search Compiete, and LexisNexis Academic.


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