Academic journal article Journal of Urban and Regional Analysis

Rosia Montana in Universal History: International Conference, 11-12 November 2011

Academic journal article Journal of Urban and Regional Analysis

Rosia Montana in Universal History: International Conference, 11-12 November 2011

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Rosia Montana in Universal History: International Conference, 11-12 November 2011 Pompei Cocean (editor), Cluj University Press, 2012, 198 p. ISBN 978-973-595-361-4

Rosia Montana Gold Corporation (RGMC) project is one of the main issues discussed since 1999 in the Romanian Medias and in the academic environment, opening more and more debates on the impacts that the project will have. This phenomenon has the tendency to create really critical and extremist attitudes and it groups people into three main categories: those who see the RGMC as a saviour for the entire region and do not take in consideration any other "adverse effect", others who have a clear vision of the project and try to balance the facts in order to provide a realistic opinion and those who have the tendency to see only the negative aspects and take the eco-civic spirit to a very high level dissemination.

The book entitled Rosia Montana in Universal History, published in 2012, represents a collection of papers presented during the conference with the same title that took place between 11th-12th of November 2011 in Cluj-Napoca organised by the Romanian Academy, Babes- Bolyai University and ICOMOS Romania. The book is composed of a confer-ence resolution with 16 ideas that where dis-cussed and agreed by the participants and 24 papers that present various points of view, both national and international, from different academic fields.

The structure of the book is very well organ-ised, starting from the first paper with an overview of the Romanian Academy, through the so-called Position of the Romanian Academy on the Gold Mining Project in the Apuseni Mountains presented by Ionel Haiduc that is like a general statement for the rest of the articles presented in the book. The general opinion is that the RGMC Project has a negative impact on various fields of national interest and it will be highlighted also during the following articles.

The next two papers: "The Gold Quadrilateral" in the Apuseni Mountains and the Gold-Silver Ores Mining Dilemma by Ioan Marza and Rosia Montana Deposit and its Associated Mineral Substances by Aurel Sântimbreanu try to present the geological situation in the area by highlighting the effects that the exploitation could have, the rare and disperse metals in these deposits and also they give solutions to avoid the disaster that Gold Corporation could provoke by creating the Rosia Montana National Park or by transforming it in a beautiful and prosperous settlement.

Archaeological and cultural heritage occupy also a very important place in the volume's hierarchy with two papers on The Archaeological Patrimony of Rosia Montana (Ioan Piso) and Rosia Montana: an Assessment of the Cultural Heritage (Virgil Apostol, Stefan Bâlici) ,both stating that there is insufficient research in the area concerning the real patrimony. The first one underlines the discovery of the tablets from the Roman law in the area and signalises the illegalities commit-ted by the Romanian authorities, especially by the Ministry of Culture and Cults. The second one is based more on the Association "Architecture, Restoration, Archaeology" (ARA) report on the idea of adding Rosia Montana to Romania's Tentative List for the World Heritage and tries to em-phasize the outstanding example of mining landscape developed over a very long period of time.

The most part of the articles concern the geographical domain, more precisely 14 papers, divided into two main areas of interest- physical and environmental geography and human geography and territorial development. …

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