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Kostas Ostrauskas (1926-2012). Few readers of Notes will know the name of Kostas Ostrauskas. Few, I suspect, would have known him during the twenty-five years he served as music librarian at the University of Pennsyl - vania from 1958 until 1982. He did not attend MLA meetings or participate in professional activities outside the library or write articles about librarianship. Instead he wrote avant-garde plays in his native Lithuanian, plays that could not be published or performed in the Soviet Union and had a very limited readership in this country. Yet he kept on writing. Since Lithuania regained its independence in 1990 he has been widely recognized as one of the major figures in postwar Lithuanian drama.

As a young man Kostas studied to be a singer, but after leaving Lithuania in 1944 to escape the advancing Soviet army, he turned to literature. Emigrating to the United States in 1949, he received a Ph.D. in Slavic and Baltic Studies from the University of Pennsylvania in 1958. As music librarian, he was a dedicated and discerning selector, systematically perusing the reviews and lists of recent publications in every music journal in search of potential purchases, and choosing titles solely on the basis of scholarly importance, regardless of language. It is to him above all that Penn's music collection owes its remarkable consistency and strength. When I arrived as his successor in 1982, I found numerous slips in the card catalog for orders placed up to the previous day, not because Kostas was reluctant to relinquish control but because he wanted to ensure the integrity of the collection. Until just before his death on 9 January at the age of eighty-five, long after retirement, he was still selecting titles in Lithuanian for the Penn libraries. Surely one of the most extraordinary members of our profession, Kostas Ostrauskas was also one of its unsung heroes.

John H. Roberts

The Sibley Music Library (Eastman School of Music) is now receiving the papers of the late Rolande Falcinelli (1920-2006), French organist, composer, and pedagogue. Madame Falcinelli's papers are the giftof her daughter, musicologist Dr. Sylviane Falcinelli, whose generous consideration of the giftfollowed the Eastman School-hosted premiere performance in March 2011 of Rolande Falcinelli's composition for organ and orchestra, Mausolée "à la gloire de Marcel Dupré," opus 47. …