Academic journal article Asian Social Science

Increasing Understanding of Educational Supervision Work, Advancing Education Management Level According to Laws

Academic journal article Asian Social Science

Increasing Understanding of Educational Supervision Work, Advancing Education Management Level According to Laws

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Educational Supervision is an essential component of education management and education administrative system. This research paper expounds the importance, development features and experiences of educational supervision work. It also analyzes the significance, necessity and urgency of strengthening educational supervision work. The paper points out the basic contradictions and new tends of educational supervision work, and it finally sums up the useful experiences of the present educational supervision work. The analyses are beneficial to evaluate the past work, deal with the contradictions and issues existing in educational supervision work. It is also helpful for further decision-making in future.

Keywords: educational supervision work, development features, issues, experiences

Educational supervision institutions are administrative departments representing the corresponding governments. Their work is to monitor, check up, evaluate and direct the subordinate governments, functional departments and schools on situations of executing educational laws, regulations as well as policies. It is essential to get a deeper understanding of educational supervision work for educational supervisors, teaching staffand even for the whole society.

1. Increasing Understanding on the Significance of Educational Supervision Work, Strengthening Consciousness for Doing Educational Supervision Work Well

Nowadays, China is practising education management by laws and education for all-round development. It is important to improve educational supervision work under the circumstances.

Firstly, the importance of educational supervision work embodies in laws, regulations and concerned policies. China State Educational Commission has issued EDUCATIONAL SUPERVISION TEMPORARY REGULATION in July 1991. It is the first national regulation on educational supervision, after China resumed and reconstructed educational supervision system. China put the NATIONAL EDUCATION LAW OF THE PRC into effect on September 1st, 1995. It regulates the eight basic educational systems, including educational supervision system as one of them. This definitely established the legal status of educational supervision and evaluation. (Guo Zhenyou.2006) It is the first law related with educational supervision system not only in China, but also in the world. It sufficiently embodies that china attached importance to educational supervision work. The 3rd National Educational Working Conference made the division, which emphasized that educational supervision institutions should be further perfected and educational supervision systems should be further improved. The conference also pointed that popularizing compulsory education, wiping out illiteracy and actualizing education for all-round development are the essential tasks for educational supervision work. Secondly, the existing issues in the field of education indicate the necessity of educational supervision work.

Educational laws and regulations are extremely serious, while randomness exists in the process of enforcing these laws and regulations, such as showing contempt for laws and slacking law enforcement. Under the circumstance, it is necessary to establish educational supervision system to supervise the enforcement of the educational laws, regulations as well as policies. Because of the importance of education and hysteretic nature of educational benefits, education strategic status is usually a verbal expression and written in articles. It is hard to completely fulfill the education strategic status in fact. In such a case, it is necessary to depend on educational supervision to ensure the education strategic status to be implemented. Because of the regularity of education and the complexity of educational evaluation, educational behaviors usually do not follow educational regular patterns. It is necessary to depend on educational supervision to prevent this phenomenon. Fulfilling education objectives is a process influenced by many complicated factors. …

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