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Compiled for the Nursing History Review by Jonathon Erlen, PhD, History of Medicine Librarian, Health Sciences Library System, and Assistant Professor, Graduate School of Public Health at the University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA. These dissertations can be obtained through ProQuest Dissertations.

Jedd, Sarah Meinen. "Reproducing Families: The Rhetoric of the Planned Parenthood Federation of America, 1942-1973." PhD dissertation, The University of Wisconsin- Madison, 2009. ProQuest (AAT 3367794).

Kiebert-Gruen, Cathleen. "Community Arts Programs: Cohesion and Difference Case Studies. Henry Street Settlement and El Museo del Barrio." EdD dissertation, Teachers College, Columbia University, 2009. ProQuest (AAT 3367983).

Goler, Robert. "The Symbol of the Veteran Amputee in American Culture." PhD dissertation, George Mason University, 2009. ProQuest (AAT 3365598).

Nelson, Erica. "Birth Rights: Bolivia's Politics of Race, Region, and Motherhood, 1964-2005." PhD dissertation, The University of Wisconsin-Madison, 2009. ProQuest (AAT 3367605).

Sheffer, Debra. "'No Sacrifice is Too Great, Save That of Honor': Honor, Death, and Psychological Combat Trauma in the American Civil War." PhD dissertation, University of Kansas, 2009. ProQuest (AAT 3365880).

Nesheim, David. "An Environmental Biography of Bde Ihanke-Lake Andes: History, Science, and Sovereignty Converge With Tribal, State, and Federal Power on the Yankton Sioux Reservation in South Dakota, 1858-1959." PhD dissertation, The University of Nebraska-Lincoln, 2009. ProQuest (AAT 3366667).

Pavuk, Alexander. "Progressively Turning Human Origins Discourse on its Head: Science, Religion, and Liberal Catholic Irony in the American Public Square, 1899-1939." PhD dissertation, University of Delaware, 2009. ProQuest (AAT 3360251).

Shinozuka, Jeannie Natsuko. "From a 'Contagious' to a 'Poisonous Yellow Peril'?: Japanese and Japanese Americans in Public Health and Agriculture, 1890s-1950." PhD dissertation, University of Minnesota, 2009. ProQuest (AAT 3360396).

Welch, Melanie. "Politics and Poverty: Women's Reproductive Rights in Arkansas, 1942- 1980." PhD dissertation, Auburn University, 2009. ProQuest (AAT 3365573).

Maren Wood, L. "Dangerous Liaisons: Narratives of Sexual Danger in the Anglo-American North, 1770-1820." PhD dissertation, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, 2009. ProQuest (AAT 3366446).

Park, Hyung Wook. "Refiguring Old Age: Shaping Scientific Research on Senescence, 1900- 1960." 2009 PhD dissertation, University of Minnesota, 2009. ProQuest (AAT 3366913).

Armer, Gina. "Mary Baker Eddy's Contribution to Adult Education: An Historical Biography." PhD dissertation, University of Idaho, 2009. ProQuest (AAT 3370223).

Horn, Claire Helen. "Well Enough to Work: Health and Class in Southern Colorado Coal Mining Towns, 1900-1930." PhD dissertation, State University of New York at Binghamton, 2009. ProQuest (AAT 3369515).

Caduff, Carlo. "Microbial Matters: An Anthropology of Pandemic Influenza in the United States." PhD dissertation, University of California, Berkeley, 2009. ProQuest (AAT 3369040).

Mejia, Paola. "Intolerable Burdens: Malaria and Yellow Fever Control in Colombia in the Twentieth Century." PhD dissertation, Columbia University, 2009. ProQuest (AAT 3373716).

Clinton Godart, Gerard Rainier. "Darwin in Japan: Evolutionary Theory and Japan's Modernity (1820-1970)." PhD dissertation, The University of Chicago, 2009. ProQuest (AAT 3369333).

Kingsberg, Miriam Lynn. "The Poppy and the Acacia: Opium and Imperialism in Japanese Dairen and the Kwantung Leased Territory, 1905-1945." PhD dissertation, University of California, Berkeley, 2009. ProQuest (AAT 3369090).

Humphries, Mark Osborne. "The Duty of the Nation: Public Health and the Spanish Influenza in Canada, 1918-1919." PhD dissertation, The University of Western Ontario, Canada, 2009. ProQuest (AAT NR50234). …


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