Interface Art: Computers, Graphics, Language

Article excerpt

Greg Eiffe. Interface Art: Computers, Graphics, Language. Keswick, Australia: Eiffe, 1993.

There is much that will tickle your cortex in this sketchbook of exploratory ideas that fuses computers, graphics, and language. For example:

* Spice up your computer chess games by injecting emotion (have a worried face for a piece that is in danger, and a smiling confident one for a piece that is exerting power), injecting noise (have each capture accompanied by explosions, in keeping value with the piece captured), and injecting luck (introduce the occasional lucky move, which the computer randomly allocates to each player).

* Revert to a time two millennia ago, when the English language distinguished between the masculine and the feminine, by computer-painting girl words pink, boy words blue, and neuter words orange. Doing this would reduce the ambiguity within long and complex statements: The boys chased the girls - they enjoyed it immensely.

* Program a circular computer clock whose face reflects the sky: goes black at night and pale blue or white during the day. …


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