Academic journal article Journal of Research for Consumers

To the Young and the Restless Marketing Academic Aspirant: Musings on the Publishing Game

Academic journal article Journal of Research for Consumers

To the Young and the Restless Marketing Academic Aspirant: Musings on the Publishing Game

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In this "thought piece", the author reflects on academic publishing in the realm of marketing. In the process, he offers tips and suggestions to aid the potential as well as the neophyte scholars in marketing in their publishing endeavours.


At the outset, I wish to emphasize that this is my "thought piece" and it is partially based on elements of invited talks that I gave to largely academic audiences at several locations on the globe during the 2007-2011 period.1 Further, while I could provide a few citations anywhere I mention a name or a term in this paper, in the interest of not marring the flow or readability, I shall refrain from doing that. The interested reader can always contact me for further information on anything mentioned in this paper. Having said that, I will, in all humility, readily and willingly admit that my thoughts have been triggered, influenced and even shaped by the minds of the academic communities around the world and their collective body of work reflected in extant literatures, and I thank all of them.

We are in the eleventh year of the new millennium in a world beset by indications of impending economic peril and I wonder if marketing continues to be Drucker's Economic Engine of a society. That may well be a question for all marketers to ponder. Be that as it may, through all my mental meanderings, two points appear to be still valid in the 21st century.

First, interestingly enough, marketing continues to be the pidgin discipline that it has been since its inception as a field worthy of serious academic inquiry at the beginning of the last century. In addition to the usual infusion from other social sciences and select hard sciences, in recent times, it has allowed percolation by new terms from the internet-era (e.g., e-W-O-M, metrosexual, mocial2 etc.), impact from blogs, YouTube, Facebook, MySpace, & Twitter, and meaningful influence from evolutionary psychology as well as "greening & sustainability" areas. Even more recently, research in neurology, neuroendocrinology, and genetics appear to be aiding the formation of what is now termed "biomarketing".

Second, the principal source of advancement of marketing knowledge, viz. the publishing game, is alive and well and every marketing doctoral student as well as the neophyte marketing academic seems to continue to dream of being immortalized repeatedly in the annals of our academic outlets. The purpose of this article is to dwell on this second aspect.

Specifically, I shall try to capture my thoughts on this game, cull out the ones high on relevant salience with respect to this game, and present them candidly in a concrete and hopefully cogent manner bereftof obfuscation. At this juncture, it would be fair to warn the reader that I will be calling a spade a spade in the rest of this "thought piece."

A qualitative factor analysis of these thoughts in my mind yields three principal factors on which the overwhelming majority of these thoughts seem to load. The first factor pertains to the rules of this game, and I will call it the Norms of the game. The second factor relates to the success or failure in playing this game. More specifically, it pertains to success/failure probability of scoring journal hits, and I will call it Journal Hit Success/Failure. The third factor deals with areas of research of particular relevance and telling importance to human civilization in the 21st century, and I will call it Research Ballparks where the game may be played. Perhaps, we marketers should pay particular attention to these areas if we want to make a difference that would matter to life on earth. In the rest of the paper, I will elucidate these factors and the aspects that load on them.


I am not sure if there are any rules in the publishing game although we have all heard of unwritten rules such "you must have both quality & quantity in your publication record", "you must have at least five or six publications by the time you come up for tenure & promotion" etc. …

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