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Appling Change Management Critical Success Factors in Bank of Jordan and Capital Bank

Academic journal article American Academic & Scholarly Research Journal

Appling Change Management Critical Success Factors in Bank of Jordan and Capital Bank

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The importance of critical success factors in the change process must be stressed due to its key role in assessing change programs .yielding benefits of such programs, identifying challenges and opportunities, achieving competitive advantage, and guaranteeing the overall success of the organization and attaining its goals. This study aims to identify the application of the concept critical success factors of change management in both Jordan bank and capital bank for each bank, compare these factors among this tow banks in order to develop a new change model. The study has an explanatory nature since it uses distributed questionnaires on all the managers of upper middle management levels in both banks. The study results indicate that the following seven critical success factors are the one that both surveyed Banks agreed upon: resources, top management support, quality, employee satisfaction, training, technology, process and systems. The study also showed no statistical significant variation among the surveyed banks in terms of change management component.

Keywords: Change management critical success factors. Change management factors.


Growing competition, privatization and deregulation across many parts of industry, commerce and the public sector have led many organizations to try to develop in their staffmore commercial awareness and more concern of quality. Organizations must modify itself not just from time to time but all of the time. Change management helps organizations in increasing its ability to solve its problems, improving systems of work and achieving effectiveness and competitive advantage. For best implementation of change management programs critical success factors should be held in order to improve work quality and organizational performance. Corporate environment have become more growth end customer-oriented, faster moving and increasingly international, these trends demand grater responsibility, initiative and leadership from manager at all levels of the organizations. (Hamlin.2001)Organizations must run fast to keep up with changes taking place all around them (Daft2001) Change, rather than stability is the norm today .Whereas change once occurred incrementally and infrequently, today it is dramatic and constant. . (Lawrie.1990). Research is telling us that, despite all our theories and models of change management, a large number of change initiatives fail in achieving their full objectives (Bishop.2001) A major aspect of answering the question of management How to make change happen? Often involves overcoming obstacles. Most obstacles are owned by different people associated with the change. (Kotter, 1996)The need for collaboration and consensus to proceed frequently can make or break a proposed improvement.

While a number of change initiative fail to reach all of its change objectives , organizations needs to understand the critical success factors in change management , because it plays a key role in evaluating change programs , challenges and opportunities and achieving competitive advantage.(Griffith,2002)

This paper aims to discus the major aspects of change management and analyzing the critical success factors in tow Jordanians banks; Bank of Jordan and capital bank,

Research Model

The research model above consists of a number of factors in change management:

1- Critical success factor that consist of 10 variables: communication, resources, top management sponsorship, technology, quality, systems and procedures, training, rewards sharing and employee satisfaction. Measuring these variable to each program of change: (building new web site for the company, providing high quality services, introducing and using information technology, strategic coalition, changing the estate of the company, rise a new competitors in the Jordanian market)

2- The seven factors of change management: change management objectives, change management drivers, change management types, change resistance forces and its eliminating ways, change scopes, methods and impact have been measured by the questioner distributed in both bank of Jordan and capital bank . …

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