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To the Editor

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This is about my mother.

Name: Frieda Wolters1

Born: 1916

Age: 95

Birthplace: Leipzig/Saxonia

Profession: Secretary since 1935 at Wilhelm Zimmermann Musikverlag, Leipzig (music publisher, sheet music, especially for schools). The company shifted after 1945 to West Germany to Frankfurt/Main. My mother stayed behind with her family in Leipzig in East German (German Democratic Republic [GDR]). She retired from her secretarial job in 1981.

My family and I were leaving the GDR for political reasons in 1986. So we came under the verdict of refused entry/admission to return to the GDR. (e.g., if someone's father or mother died or was ill, and it was then not possible to gain entry into the country again). So we decided that mother should come to us in Hamburg in West Germany. This was easy because for people older than 65, it was no problem to change from the East to the West. So she has lived since 1988 in Hamburg near us.

In December 31, 2010, hip prosthesis (leftand right) was done after the accident she sustained on the journey to her home in winter. She fell on the frosted street. She required hospital and surgery for 10 days, then 3 weeks rehabilitation. All costs were paid by her compulsory health insurance fund-Allgemeinen Orts Krankenkassen (AOK). K stands for Krankenkasse. Usually, Krankenkasse is not translated in English. In this case, the term might need to be explained, for example, "public health insurance," "governmental sick funds," or something along that line.

After the rehabilitation, my mother came back to her domicile: two rooms, a kitchen, and a bathroom. The residential rent is euro620 per month.

We ordered a nursing service. There are a lot of private companies that you can hire; also, the church and the Red Cross offer such services.

For the first month, or 3-4 weeks, they give you their services for free because they are waiting for the decision of the Medical Review Board of the Statutory Health Insurance Funds (Medizinischer Dienst der Krankenversicherung) of the compulsory health insurance fund, which is responsible for proving the need of care. This medical review is a special department of the AOK. We had to send an application for getting care to the AOK. If they decide that the need of care is legitimate, the AOK will pay. They sent a doctor who examined my mother. …

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