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Super Georgic

Academic journal article Chicago Review

Super Georgic

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The dream begins here

again, on a Good Day, where light

whittles up hands' gold

With the sun's impressive keep

& we drive down through plains

of heavy wheat, green

Movement rapid as the sky

scatters thinning pairs of wedge tails,

white butterflies and monarchs

Like meteors polarising slow.

Half way to Lake Grace, where

red creeks fan congealed

Through seed type pyrography

we are silently overawed by their future,

stop for fuel and wait

& feel amongst cumulate

memories of grass

parrots' bright, temporary dilations

Feedback coil centrifugally,

the drive's momentum

emptying the earth like a satellite

Glinting just overhead

scanning atmospheric temperature gradients

as the day glows out, condenses

To an orbital heap

our bodies as they leak a suspension

of fine gold dust, saliva, and truth.


Regular spirits lack such

grandeur, interpenetrate neurons

with the quietest illusion of hills

Spun out by the Servo's

rising thermal register, a brooding canopy

spread thin

As dusk's panorama slices

hover, anodised & synched

clear around the 'Gas' sign's

Halo budding

red over roadside sunflowers. Thunderheads

raise incarnadine

Into dark blue waste, reactivate

restlessness, Chapter 24 calibrating phenomenal

tension on the tape-deck

As the fuel pump kicks in

& the counter collapses to zero. So

unpredictably y'know

Death skates around motive,

your white hot surface, loose fumes

break eruption

In the flow

& science of your restive game--the burning

matches flick & arc

strobing off the scent

of Super, the quick prophets at the nozzle

pitching nets

To take them out

just in bloody time. …

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