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On Imitation

Academic journal article Chicago Review

On Imitation

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Splay the oozing Theophrastus1 on a catapult.

Pull the pus-covered cart to the Pellaen2 walls, and cut the tensed rope.

Let the assholes of Assos3 preach about Truth and Form:

In the real world, a philosopher flying over a burning city is strangely beautiful.

And strange beauty sings that poetry is not bound by imitation.


Athenian soldier and poet, friend of Leonidas of Tarentum, Ammonides fought in the campaign to liberate Greek cities from Macedonian garrisons following the death of Alexander in 323 BCE. Only three poems by him survive, though scholars have attributed a number of late skolia (anonymous drinking songs) to him.

1 Famous student of Aristotle.

2 The city where Aristotle served as tutor to Alexander.

3 A reference, in part, to Aristotle, who for three years lived and taught in Assos with Erastus and Xenocrates. Assos was the capital of a small client state ruled by Hermeias, a vassal of the Great King of Persia, and roundly despised by the Athenians. …

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