Academic journal article The Hudson Review

Let It Go

Academic journal article The Hudson Review

Let It Go

Article excerpt

Earth, I walked on a trail of blooming dryad,

lay on a boulder, watching night come on,

the eager silhouetted limbs thrust up,

harmless night known first in a darker blue

then even darker to the dust of stars,

the far-off traffic of a night-denying city,

the dogs calling, I thought, joyfully. Night,

harmless night when my love moves in her day

on the far side of Earth, an ocean away.

Today a friend called, his voice thick with grief

because he cannot stop himself from feeling,

because his joy and grief are the same chord

on the same bowed lyra. My friend is Greek, the lyra

no mere symbol but a mode of living, fire

in die night, cold water at dawn. And you, Earth,

have called out to us all our lives, in squall

and zephyr, flood and tidal wave, no one life

enough to hear die chord beyond belief.

Earth, I am learning mineral patience, moved

by the current of last night's dreaming, this morning's coffee.

Sometimes I hate you for coming between my love

and me, for being so large, so full of laws

and nations and money and people who cling to diem all.

I know it is not your wish. …

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