Academic journal article Asian Social Science

The Writing Questions in Literature Review-Frequently Aroused in College Students' Opening Report

Academic journal article Asian Social Science

The Writing Questions in Literature Review-Frequently Aroused in College Students' Opening Report

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The literature review should be involved in the opening report and their thesis of college graduates for various professional graduates. Literature review in the opening report or thesis has a number of important functions, so how to write a qualified literature review in standard way is the significance that we need to focus on. The paper made a systematic sampling survey from consecutive three years in graduates' opening report, analyzed the problems existed in the process of writing literature review and gave the analyses and suggestions, in a hope of providing references in writing the literature review.

Keywords: writing questions, literature review, opening report

1. Preface

Literature review is an important part of the opening report and thesis in the opening report and graduation thesis, and the opening report in any one of subjects can not exist without it. Literature review is in the core of opening report and thesis and according to the practical experience in long term teaching: in each graduates' opening report and the debates, some writing problems would be come across, and those problems are repeated ones, so it is necessary to carding and summarize the problems emerged in literature review, and according to the puzzels put, giving the comparatively suggestions which undergraduates can use as reference in thesis writing.

2. Sample Description

The author adopted a probability sampling, systematic sampling from three consecutive years of graduates in the undergraduate thesis in the opening report of the Department of Social Work with the principles of seeking the truth from the facts. in a total of 180sample size selected 45 samples students, ie, every 4 students selected one from the total samples, there are 45 students samples all in all, then analyzed the selected samples in the topic of the literature review writing.

3. The Relationship between Thesis Proposal and Literature Review

Thesis proposal is a kind of scheduled explanation that the reporter gives about how to do researches on the subject that he or she selects. Generally, a thesis proposal contains: the purpose and meaning of the subject, the situation that it maintains at home and abroad, the main thoughts and results of relevant documentations; the object, content, and methods of the study, as well as all relevant quotas; a rough schedule; the stage of the preparation, and the conditions that have already been realized.

Thesis proposal for undergraduates is a kind written design which explains the feasibility of the thesis. It contains the purpose and meaning of the thesis, the situation that it maintains at home and abroad, the main problem that the thesis prepared to solve, and the content of the thesis, the schedule of the thesis, etc. Its core concept is "the main problem that the thesis prepared to solve".

While writing the thesis proposal, literature review must be firstly finished, because though literature review, one can clearly indicate the already existed opinions, conclusions, solutions, initial results that the literal works at home and abroad have put forward. Comment on the shortcomings of the above-mentioned documentation, put forward your own opinion and solutions, briefly explain the primary reasons.

As for whether the opinions you are prepared to argue and the methods you are going to take are feasible or not, it is just the purpose for thesis proposal. As for whether the subject you choose is worth studying, whether your opinions are novel, whether your methods are feasible, basically, they all depend on the literature review. Explain whether one's subject comply with the recent study development or whether the newest technology has been adopted and improved through comparing and commenting on review papers and those achievements that have been achieved both at home and abroad can make it easier for readers to know the meaning of the selected subject. After having read abundant Chinese and foreign documentations, the writer will abstract some points and statistics that will help prove the subject, then, he collects the information he got, analyzes it and concludes it into a technical thesis, which we call as review paper. …

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