Introduction to Special Issue: QUIS 12

Article excerpt

It is our pleasure to again present some of the best papers from a Quality in Services (QUIS) Conference. At the QUIS 12 conference in Ithaca, NY in June, 201 1 there were 250 registered academics and practitioners from 30 countries presenting papers and discussing services management, marketing and the emerging discipline of service science. Of the 238 papers presented, we are pleased to share five of the best with you in this special issue. In addition, we offer an executive interview with John Caparella, President and Chief Operating Officer

The Venetian Las Vegas, The Palazzo Las Vegas and Sands Expo and Convention Center. In putting this special issue together we wanted to give our readers the opportunity to learn more about this man's approach work to strategically crafting a service culture developed at the Gaylord Palms in Orlando and now being implemented in Las Vegas.

This year, our selected papers offer discussions on different topics in services that should be of interest to JAME readers. We are especially pleased to present papers that illustrate emerging topics in services that we hope challenge and excite those who are still exploring the emerging academic discipline of services management. Each offers opportunities for further research for those seeking new paths to expand their scholarship.

The first three papers offer perspectives on the topic that dominated this QUIS meeting - servitizaton. This term describes organizations that have added a service component to their traditional manufactured product offerings. Since adding services changes the way an organization defines its market strategy for meeting its customer's needs, it also changes how it operates and organizes itself. The first article, Identifying sensitization capabilities of manufacturers: A conceptual model, by Kinnunen and Turunen, offers an excellent overview of the topic and how it changes the way organizations operate. The second article, New service development in manufacturing companies - insights from the German manufacturing sector by Sabine Biege, Angela Jaeger, and Daniela Buschak, provides some important insights into the impact servitization has had on manufacturing organizations as learned in Germany. The last paper in this group on servitization is Performance Metric Selection Methodology for MultiOrganizational Service Network Integration by Tomás Harrington, David Kirkwood, and Jagjit Srai. This paper offers an approach to solve the problem of assessing effectiveness in organizations that create new service supply chain networks when they servitize. Recognizing the difficulty of finding objective measures of successful integration of organizations that must work together in the supply of a service, these authors offer an interesting perspective on how to develop metrics to assess effectiveness. …


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