The Examination of Strength and Weakness of Online Evaluation of Faculty Members Teaching by Students in the University of Isfahan

Article excerpt


Evaluation of faculty members' teaching is a device for recognition of their ability in teaching, assessing, the student's learning and it can improve efficiency of faculty members in teaching. In terms of growth of computer's technologies improvement of universities and its effect on achievement and information processing, it is necessary to use this technologies. This study examined the recognition of strengths and weakness in online evaluation at universities. This study has used quality method & information obtained from group interview. Statistical population includes all of student's of 30 departments in University of Isfahan. Statistical samples were ten departments at basic sciences and education. Category and coding method used for information analysis. Some of the strengths in online evaluation are costs decreasing, easy analysis, possibility of evaluation form completing out of class place and time, without psychological pressure due to professor appearance in class, and easy performance. Some of the weaknesses are lack of the fast and comfortable achievement to internet and website at the certain time, compulsory in form completion and entering to website with username and password, and stress for student to become known.

Keywords: Educational evaluation, Online evaluation, Quality of faculty members' teaching

1. Introduction

By entering the third millennium and emerging the electronic industries and especially its admission into the higher education, the world has encountered deep changes which can be called digital revolution. These changes in human's life have extended so that administers and politicians of countries have decided to manage governmental and non-governmental organizations and institutions electronically. The internet evaluation methods are proper replacements for conventional ones in higher education. Assessment and evaluation of faculty members' teaching is device for recognition of their ability in teaching, assessing, the student's learning and it can improve quality and quantity of faculty efficiency in teaching and it cause real and fair feedback and increasing of job satisfaction and improving of performance.

In fact, evaluation of faculty is determining the rate of professors' success that in educational purposes. Evaluation of faculty member's is process that judge ability and adequacy of faculties and with collecting information about professor performance, especially teaching. It also makes necessity to make decisions that can increase the ability of teaching and improvement of learner's learning (Gils, Martin, Bryce and Hendry, 2004).

So purposes of teaching evaluation are including:

1) Improving teaching quality

2) Knowing the professors ability at teaching

3) A criterion for promoting and retraining of professors

4) Providing the information for doing educational researches and

5) Helping to students for choosing the professors.

There are different methods for teaching evaluation likes managers evaluation, peer evaluation, students, self assessment, observation of teaching by experts, examining content and outlines, certain assignment for students and their exams, and student's learning. In student method that is the most usual at higher education (Timpson and Andrew, 1997), usually there is an evaluation questionnaire includes amount of question about professors educational performance that student can evaluate his professor (Pounder, 2008). Some researches show that student's idea of professor is affected by things that don't have any relation with professor's teaching quality. There are many supports for this research and some disagreement with them. Supporters of this kind of evaluation believe that students have a kind of metacognition that causes their positive evaluation of faculty. However opponents believe that student judgment is mental, so it is invaluable. Students don't have right perception of teaching process so they don't have suitable judgment or sometimes students ideas about faculty members are affected by fame, popularity, beauty and administrable situation and some students enter their dislikes or loveless in their evaluation. …


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