Catholicism in the Second Spanish Republic: Religion and Politics in Salamanca,1930-1936

Article excerpt

Catholicism in the Second Spanish Republic: Religion and Politics in Salamanca, 1930-1936. By Mary Vincent. [Oxford Historical Monographs.] (New York: Clarendon Press, Oxford University Press. 1966. Pp. xiii, 286. $70.00.)

This fresh new study of one of the most Catholic provinces in Spain during the Second Republic is composed of two different but related parts. The first half treats the structure and practice of Catholicism in Salamanca province, while the second half deals with politics in Salamanca-increasingly dominated by the Catholic Confederacion Espanola de Derechas Aut6nomas (CEDA)-during the Republican years.The result is a full and rounded account of Catholic Salamanca under the democratic regime.

Of the two halves, the first part on Salamanca Catholics is the more original and important, for it provides us with the best account that we have in either English or Spanish of the religious institutions and practices of one of the key Catholic provinces of northern Spain.Vincent, who began this study as a dissertation under the direction of Frances Lannon, presents chapters on the secular clergy and on the orders, on the structure and practice of religious devotion, and on Catholic Action and lay activism in Salamanca, achieving a clear, sensitive and well-rounded portrait of Catholic life in the province.This is based on extensive research in Catholic publications, the local press, memoirs, and secondary sources. It does not necessarily alter in any major way our general understanding of northern Spanish Catholicism during these years, but it provides a wealth of information and telling detail. …


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