Is Sustainable Lumber a Myth? the Case of Latvian Timber Industry

Article excerpt


The primary subject matter for this case involves strategic management, sustainability, international law, and business ethics. Firm positioning as an environmental leader represents a growing strategic trend. Incorporating sustainable business policies is a practice that many stakeholders are demanding. With these concepts in mind, this case is most appropriate for discussion and analysis in undergraduate management, business law, or ethics courses where the topics of leadership, management, ethics, and sustainability are covered. This case is also appropriate for discussion in any courses where the instructor is ready to discuss ethics in international business and society. This case is designed to be taught in approximately one or two class sessions.


This case describes the hypothetical management decisions Matt Lelander, a fictional marketing and purchasing manager of a British home improvement store, must make. The principle dilemma revolves around the choice of whether to continue purchasing lumber from the Latvian state owned lumber company. It has come to the attention of the purchasing manager, Matt Lelander that the rate of consumption of Latvian forests appears to be unsustainable. …


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