Advanced Game Products, Inc

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This case primarily concerns the application of financial reporting standards and current tax law to certain transactions of a company called Advance Game Products, Inc. (AGP). Internal control issues are also presented. Specifically, the case involves issues related to the accounting and tax treatment for two types of sales rebates, licensing arrangements whereby professional athletes permit their likeness to be used in the company's video games, and a contract with another company under which it will be the primary creative force behind the development of certain new games while AGP will take on the primary role of marketing those games. Students are also asked to identify potential concerns over the processing of the rebates and make recommendations on what internal controls the company should implement. The case has a difficulty level of 4, although the assignment could be easily adapted for use in a second Intermediate Accounting course or junior level business tax course. The case is designed require 1 to 4 hours of class time and require 12 to 15 hours of student preparation outside of class if all questions are assigned.


Jamie Jetson, a recent college graduate with an Accounting degree, has been assigned to the Advanced Game Products, Inc. …


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