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Academic journal article Field


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Selling the farm is not the same as buying the farm.

Buying the farm means you die. Selling the farm

means someone else died. Someone died and left

you it. It's not easy selling a farm. There's the mound of

shit you can't move. The bones of the farm animals

dragged off into the upper pasture. Here's some teeth.

Here's a thigh bone. Here's the pelvis. Big enough

to make a house out of almost. The cows lumbering

across the acreage and the problematic mother

refusing to move. It's like selling something you

can't get your hands on really though it's big and

it smells bad. What to do with the grass silage

fermenting? What to do with the turkey buzzards still

circling that field where the cows give birth?

What to do with the calf just now coming out

of the cow? The calf lands on the ground in a splash

of bone; flies land on her eyes. …

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