Gallaudet University Dissertations

Article excerpt

(Available from the Gallaudet University Library by September 2012)

Academic motivation and well-being in deaf and hard-of hearing university students: Predictors of academic success. Stone, Martin. (Ph.D., 2011).

Aging adults: Changes in audibility and memory of their effects on speech task performance. Mazevski, Annette. (Ph.D., 2011).

The American society's constructed image of deaf people as drawn from discursive constructions of deaf people in major U.S. newspaper articles on cochlear implantation. Fleischer, Flavia. (Ph.D., 2011).

Black deaf administrators: Leadership issues and perceived challenges to organizational advancement. Moore, Elizabeth Ann. (Ph.D., 2011).

A comparison of deixis in interpreted lectures and signed lectures in ASL: An exploration of the structures ofASL utilized by interpreters and deaf teachers when referring to a visual aid. Minor, Rebecca. (Ph.D., 2011).

Cost analysis and referral rates in newborn hearing screening with integrated 1 000 HZ tympanometry in special care neonates. Buethe, Pamela. (Ph.D., 2011).

Crisis management plans in higher education: Commonalities, attributes, and perceived effectiveness. Lott, Mary. (Ph.D., 2012).

Deaf identity and the tripartite model. Wolf-Craig, Kelly. (Ph.D., 2012). Family relationships and sexual initiation: An investigation of deaf college students. …


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