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Used to be I could get anything I wanted

delivered to my door in 24 hours.

Now my closets are full of smoke,

and I am showing symptoms

of anonymous fever. I hear the laugh

track of adventure capitalists

flaunting their new talking dogs.

I lose sleep, gain weight and confuse

the death toll with the death tax.

I've become obsessed with the online poll

to assassinate the president

and the blunt force drama

it inflicts on the soul.

When I suffered from restless prick

syndrome, I excused myself by thinking

I needed more, but that was before

I understood dying gracefully is a myth.

After a lunch of Peace and Happiness

noodles, I digest my paper fortune,

Good luck with your tumor,

which would be funny if it were funny.

God bless. God damn. Don't let it end

like this. Let me do something -

Forgive me. I've never felt better.

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Peter E. Murphy was born in Wales and grew up in New York City where he operated heavy equipment, managed a night club, and drove a cab. …

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