Academic journal article The Middle East Journal

Chronology: Lebanon

Academic journal article The Middle East Journal

Chronology: Lebanon

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May 9: The Special Tribunal for Lebanon (STL) announced that 58 people affected by the attack that killed former Prime Minister Rafiq al-Hariri were allowed to take part in the case against four members of Hizbullah suspected of being behind the attack. The tribunal indicted Mustafa Badriddine, Salim al-Ayyash, Hasan Aineysseh, and Asad Sabra of Hizbullah in absentia for involvement in the bombing. Hizbullah described the case as a tool used by the US and Israel to sow discord in Lebanon. [AFP, 5/9]

May 25: Eleven Lebanese Shi'a pilgrims and a Syrian driver, who were abducted on May 22 as they were returning from Iranian holy sites, were released from captivity. A Syrian rebel group claimed responsibility for the kidnapping and claimed that the pilgrims' release depended on an apology from Hizbullah chief Hasan Nasrallah for Hizbullah's support of the Syrian government during the 15-month uprising. [AJE, 5/23]

June 2: Twelve people were killed and at least 50 injured in sectarian clashes in Tripoli between Sunni Muslims supporting the Syrian uprising and members of the 'Alawi sect supporting the Syrian government. Lebanon deployed troops to ensure calm in the wake of the clashes. Violence stemming from the uprising in Syria fueled fears that civil unrest in Syria was becoming an increasingly regional problem. [NYT, 6/2]

June 8: A Syrian army tank and several Syrian soldiers crossed into the Lebanese village of Yanta for about three hours before they returned to Syria. The area into which they crossed was used as a training ground by a pro-Syrian Palestinian faction during the years of the Syrian occupation of Lebanon. [Daily Star, 6/9]

June 18: The Lebanese Army killed two Palestinians in the Nahr al-Barid refugee camp several days after 15-year-old Ahmad Qassim was shot dead by soldiers near the same camp. The deaths at Nahr al-Barid occurred after "infiltrators" attacked military positions, which led to clashes that injured three soldiers and ten Palestinians. …

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