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Cento Encephalogram

Academic journal article Chicago Review

Cento Encephalogram

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And the anger that was the birds making sounds at each other, was

music to some harmless to most, who knows what a bird feels?

The birds that were singing this morning have shut up I thought I

saw a couple, kissing, but Larry said no

The bird is astonished as its wings grow longer

i stroke the bird

"that bird" "those wings,"

"she shrank to become the bird" "but grew wings that" "were

wider" "than she had been tall" "Instantly," "instantly,...

"was full of "feather fetishes..."

The young man places a bird-house Against the blue sea,

but the iridescent bird goes straight to the order of hard metallic



THE MIND From the beginning a bird has been perched in the

shadow of each branch;

like that ugly bird of the White

There are moments like this one That are almost silent, so that bird

watchers like us

A feather not snow blew against the window. A signal

There's no time to lose The vizier speaks to us in bird-language

Leaves will be the stray feathers Falling from their throats

where have the hooligans hid your awards in a trapped bird my love,

She told me how the old Chinese men took their pet birds on walks

to the park where they'd hang the cages on a branch so

Many people in the audience are captivated by her reading and by

her use of the word bird.

Resistance futile as feather-Ught fairies buffeted against the wind.

that I might be swept, like afeather-Mght morsel of irrelevant flotsam,

It is to pass through a landscape filled with planets and birds, with

feathers, comets and angels,

Alone like a feather falling from a bird in the night


What you have doesn't help, less is more, feathers pulled out,

gradual improvement.

"A feather in the hat of indeterminacy"

I had a long pole with a chicken feather, and I would move it and


with a feather- that circle is reminiscent of Chinese or Japanese


...two featherS behind Just befOre theY disappear beuys touching

his forEhead with both feathers.

and trace its outline on the page with a feather dipped in watercolor

(toothpicks, matches, slinkies, piano wires, feathers, etc....


flying overhead, lets fall precious feathers onto the place where you

fell asleep

Then Ruth plucked the feathers out of it and threw the head to Mrs.


If I could tell you why The delicious crunch oí feathers Through

fifteen heads of yours Can encourage and surround Then there

would be no need for this needle in my head Or the electricity

The black and white feathers exploding from the head of the rooster

show that he is ready for war against the Infidel. …

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