Academic journal article Chicago Review

Flags and Their Discontents

Academic journal article Chicago Review

Flags and Their Discontents

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Brand name of the ancient city

Your namesake for our ancient city

Ancient unrest and eccentricity

Unrest epitomized by the byte

Even keel immersed in sites

And look: name recognition.

Ancient preferences for ancient

Epiphenomena and nomenclature

Ancient unaccented rubbish

Accented hum of pro and contra

Of dogs' ancient invectives

Of récits, abreast of reality.

"Sign no petition."

Underground signs

under the ancien régime,

we were initialing entries

lurches and failure: the new state of painting

(read: the new state). Camouflage

to think in asides and aisles, at this stage

employment and deployment ventilated paper

the horizon and the horizon s caricature;

journalists developed a falsetto.

Name it

what's its.


Name one

individually named


named themselves

named by others

unnamed themselves

did not name themselves


since named

named not yet

does not recognize

the Odyssey

charivari constitutes a kind of primitivism, to which he and they

marginalia Stephen Rudy's put to chapters

"Dada: A definition," "Dada s Temper" and "Berlin Dada"

index extracted from the last but for one entry

text "o. …

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