Academic journal article Chicago Review

Echolalia in Mrs. Piper

Academic journal article Chicago Review

Echolalia in Mrs. Piper

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The music stopped and I stood still,

And found myself outside the hill,

Left alone, against my will,

To go now limping as before,

And never hear of that country more!

Robert Browning

The Pied Piper of Hamelin

Genius of camouflage being

present vis à vis the other'

you wore robes before rags

All the old promises I made

to you nights among family

Liffe winly sets out to latche

in the C l[e]nged comely clad

can deflect by shape-shifting

Adam and Eve & Abell I killed &

Methhasula & meek Aroun &

Go catch glimpse of heels

in the act of starting out

[glode there] what waking

Light pathway speedly to

Abraham & Isace & Esau

In slade greene under great

rood r would depair deat[h]

she is coral debths by day

Her idea is at her left hand

with claws touching at tips

To talk to one's house to lash it

secure- while some good angel

stands fast at its edge another

hundred years a sense of caves

and trees or what the hills said

Those seven vowels are glosses

on our veiled world our lost one

Someone of the haunt place

glitters unknown to me one

with cross on shoulder she is

doubly surprising in a poem

From what land do you come

Birds in the mouth as merry as

any other wayling twig figment

might answer forever forever

'Before' has taken the place of

some rare word naked as nail-

Leave an acoustic door open at

the wall at the back of the set

I have set my heart on- always

hereafter - no mirroring 'either'

In the second place we think

we only think we think while

our ghosts appear in mirrors

In every slip of every tongue

a word for 'straggler' echoes

Comma over half-belief its

core of hope in brackets

Thought of this passage

resting in green meadow

of the word for 'worship'

An evangel dressed in

soft garment in magic

ink on paper - Fearing semi

chaos I said nothing to

the waking Mrs. …

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