Academic journal article Chicago Review


Academic journal article Chicago Review


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Find Hortense: her mechanism is ejaculatory

solitude. Her solitude is ejaculatory

mechanism. Find the monstrous gestures of Hortense:

her solitude is peopled with specters, and the

specters people her with solitude. And her love

ruminates and cannot leave the house. And her

light vibrates thus within the walls, with the light,

with the specters, with the love that doesn't leave

the house. With the lone specter of love, with the

mirroring of love, with disenchantment,

enchantment and frenzy. Seek Hortense: seek

her resonant humility that nobody knows how to pacify,

and that finds no adieu to anyone, and that says

adieu always and to no one, and lifts her summer hat

to everyone, with the uncommon gesture

of pity. Find Hortense who in her solitude

peoples the civil world with the wild. And the song

of the guitar is no longer enough for her. And the amnesty

of the guitar is no longer enough for her! Find Hortense

who dies amid the lilacs, frail and forgotten.

Smiling and frail amid the lilacs of the valley

made pitiless; petrified. Find Hortense who

dies smiling among the lilacs of the valley,

find her who dies and smiles and is strangely

happy, among the lilacs of the villa, of the valley

that ignores her. Peopled is her solitude of

specters and fables, peopled is her joy of

strange grass and strange flower,- that does not lose its odor.

If twenty years terrorize you Esterina bring

some blade of grass for wringing to me as well, and

serious and ready I will bow to your skirts

of a wise girl, the passage too tight

for your quick body. Behind your bank

of usurers painstaking and absurd (the poor with

wise grit in their unaesthetic difference),

behind every regret of beauty, behind the

door that doesn't open, behind the fountain dry

in the sun, green dim and yellowed lanterns lead

to the mountain of piety, to the castle miraculously

sculpted for bad priests. …

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