Academic journal article Chicago Review


Academic journal article Chicago Review


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Touch me in the morning, see if I will respond, rise up like a tired plant given water.

I bet I fucking lotus will.

Sudden shifts to sex are confusing until I am reminded, I am human.

The term nookie/nooky came into English use in 1928. A nook is a perfect place to put a thing.

In this way, I am cupboard and penis a knick-knack. And nookie/ nooky heteronormative. Sex is not heteronormative.

Perhaps nookie/nooky is from neuken meaning to fuck or punch. So, heteronormative.

We are lost.

Two women on the web were fighting about whether they experienced themselves fundamentally as humans or women.

"Experienced themselves."

By starting that sentence two women perhaps I indicated something.

Indicate: point to, as in- a plant on the deck. Dying. I don't always make it outside to water things. My dead aunt-not-technically-my-aunt would find that tiresome. She chainsmoked I-forget-what-brand.

The one arguing womanhood was actually arguing potential motherhood-this, I thought, was unfair. …

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