Academic journal article Chicago Review


Academic journal article Chicago Review


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There is sometimes just beyond the window the threat of twins. A dopple


These are not clones. You will not open like a Russian doll. They are more

their own than they are yours. Not kind.

Your grandmother had a pair. One died.

Blue leather with leather-covered buttons: depression era shoes- the bomb.

She had red hair before it went white, her name was Kaye.

Yours is black. And one of the twins you are not pregnant with: the bad

seed, fifth child. Lessing guessed. Oppenheimer.

A threat of twins is the name for the full complement.

Congregation of sparrows, Hon pride, plague of atoms, duck morass- that's

not right.

One wants to kill crows- their omenhood viral, priest-y.

A specimen. You pee into a cup and this tells us what exactly? It used to be

a rabbit died. We don't kill rabbits for this any more, apparently. Mascara.

The hormone only says yes or says no.

Not yes, yes. Not indeed. …

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